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Are You a Gingold?

I'm Don Gingold, born in Chicago and currently living in Naperville, Illinois.

My father was Joseph Gingold of Birmingham, England, Chicago, Illinois and Hollywood, Florida.

His father was Maurice, or Moshe, Gingold of Birmingham, England before 1900 and before that I'm not sure.

There is some minor evidence that the family name was Gruengold.

Ring any bells? Are we related? Send a note using the form on this page and tell me how.

Don Gingold

Don is an actor in voiceover, community theatre, and most recently film. He is also a Master of Ceremonies, most notably for the Naperville Independent Film Festival Awards Presentation in September. 

He also acts as co-founder and managing director of Sprocket Websites, Inc, an integrator of DNN Platform websites.

Visit his website.

Kate Gingold

Kate is an author and local historian. Her most popular book, Ruth By Lake and Prairie, tells the true story of the pioneers who sailed the Great Lakes to settle along Illinois' DuPage River in 1831. She's also written a book on Abraham Lincoln and a collection of ghost stories rooted in local history.

When not writing or speaking about history, Kate writes marketing and web copy for clients of Sprocket Websites.

Visit her website.


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